Hot Takes Of The Week: September 9

Even if it may not seem like it, whether it’s a slow news week, or nothing is that interesting to look at—there’s always something to comment on. From deciphering Hailey Bieber’s new neck tattoo to Lana Del Rey needing to let reviewers do their job, here are our hottest takes of the week.


Hailey Bieber Didn’t Put Thought into Her Tattoo—You Shouldn’t Either

Speculation linking Hailey Bieber’s new “Lover” neck tattoo to Taylor Swift’s most recent album is utterly ridiculous. It’s an incredibly basic design and script, it makes sense that two of Hollywood’s most basic white girls would brand themselves with it. Plus, Bieber does not strike me as someone who thinks of her actions in context of her husband’s latest feud. Swift’s beef is with Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber by extension. Stop pitting women against each other when the men they associate with are misbehaving. — Rachel


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Kanye West Is The Second Coming of Yeezus Khrist

Kanye West seemed to have announced the tracklist for his new album, Jesus Is King, which seems to heavily lean into Christianity and its practices. This isn’t the first time West has used gospel elements to his music, or made references to God (though they’re usually self-aggrandizing), but I’m starting to believe that Ye is on his way to creating his own cult religion. With his weekly Sunday Services, his (now recently flopped) Yeezy-designed dome city, his (albeit divisive) global influence, and his ride-or-die fans, West has all the necessary tools to create a deeply devoted and arguably spiritual community. If he kept true to his presidential promise, I think he would have been a force to be reckoned with (and would have likely had a decent run). I’m likely just drunk on the cult-frenzied juice that we’ve all been slurping up these days, but I truly think Yeezy can become a God-like figure. This new album could very well be the push over the edge to get him there.  — Alex


Post Malone Is A Modern Day Bob Dylan

I know someone else sees it. Post Malone embodies the care free smoke weed; fun loving, sing my songs and have a good time, spirit of Bob Dylan. Just like Dylan, Post Malone is a bit of a music anomaly. Effortlessly flowing through unrelated genres and making hits. You either love Bob Dylan or don’t get it, and you either love Post Malone or don’t get it! Why? Because they are one in the same, cut from the same cloth. Look you don’t have to agree with me, but when you’re right, you’re right. His new album Hollywood’s Bleeding is also fire. — Vernon


Music Critics Should Be Allowed To Be Critical (Duh)

In light of Lana Del Rey’s most recent album Norman Fucking Rockwell being widely lauded as her best work yet, Del Rey replied to NPR music writer Ann Power’s (mostly positive and very thoughtful) review, tweeting, “I don’t even relate to one observation you made about the music.” She even went as far to write, “don’t call yourself a fan like you did in the article and don’t count your editor one either.” Cue the Confused Nick Young GIFs.

Commenting on, challenging, and critiquing music is such an important part of consuming art—even more so when you’re a fan of an artist. Creating discourse that challenges the work, talking about what you liked and didn’t like, discussing the evolution of an artist and their repertoire, these are all integral (and exciting!) parts of what it means to enjoy music, films, art, television, and everything in between. The suggestion that respecting or stanning an artist means you can’t think critically about something they make isn’t just insulting to music writers, it’s insulting to music fans. — Celina