How (And Why) To Watch ‘SIDES*’

Ever wish more people appreciated your insightful tweets about dating apps? Or that your friends actually listened when you try to tell them about the benefits of veganism? Or that major media outlets interviewed more youth when covering the gun control debate?

Your time is now. Introducing SIDES*, a new social series in which a rotating panel discusses and debates anything and everything you can think of. It’s basically a way-more-chill, way-less-stressful Twitter thread come to life. And the best part? The cast is made up of people like you—young adults trying to make sense of this crazy, crazy world.

But SIDES* isn’t just another Much show; it’s a Much show that you get to be a part of by following these five easy steps:



And while you’re at it, hit ’em up on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook, too. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


Every Wednesday at 8e/5p, starting October 11, SIDES* goes live on the show’s official Twitter account. But that’s not all: During the episodes, you can interact directly with the cast by using the hashtag #MySide. Your messages could influence the conversation and even get read out loud on the show! And if the panel covers something you don’t feel strongly about, don’t stress: They may talk about gun control one minute but get into a heated discussion about Kanye West the next. There’s no topic off limits, so we promise they’ll always get to something that you want to sound off on.


 But the conversation doesn’t end on Wednesday night. Throughout the week, you can keep sharing your thoughts using #MySide across all the social medias or by DMing @sides directly. Disagree with the Teddy’s take on female beauty standards? Snap @sidesonMUCH and tell him what you really think. Got an opinion on social media marketing that will blow Laila’s mind? Rant away in your Insta story! Then, come Saturday, be sure tune in for SIDES* on Much (Saturdays at 9e/6p, starting October 14), when user tweets, videos, comments and hot takes are mixed in with the unfiltered conversation from Wednesday’s show and broadcast on TV for all to see. By sharing your thoughts, you’re essentially becoming part of the series.


 The more voices, the better. So, yeah, share your side online, but don’t forget to use what you learn each week to talk to your friends, neighbours, that guy you always see at Starbucks about the show offline. SIDES* is nothing without discussion, and that discussion would be nothing without you joining in. And there’ll be a lot to talk about: From surprise guests and fun games to in-depth breakdowns and heated debates, SIDES* will make learning about climate change and student politics way more fun than you ever thought it could be. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert to partake.


Which brings us to our final and most important step: Be nice! You might be super passionate about animal testing, but that doesn’t mean you should hate on others who don’t agree. Healthy debate is strongly encouraged, but remember: There’s a difference between a debate and an outright attack. Keep it clean, keep it legal and keep it respectful. You’ll be glad you did.