How Can I Get My Friends To Vote? Make Them A Sandwich


With 14 million potential non-voters in Canada this year, it is our duty to encourage those around us to vote and get involved in our country’s politics. But how do you do this? Easy: Make your friends vote by making them a sandwich in return.

Photographer, street artist and “concerned Canadian,” Byron Dauncey recently created a website brilliantly called and on the site, he offers a refreshing way of getting your friends and family to go out and vote on October 19. “People love sandwiches. But people don’t always vote,” the site says in its mission statement. “This election, why not offer to make your non-voting friends a sandwich for getting into the booth?”

The site comes complete with resources on where to register, a Q&A to help you decide who to vote for and links to all the political parties in the running to help you learn more about each party’s platforms.

In the “What Can I Do?” section of the site, Dauncey makes it clear and straight to the point: “You can vote. You can make your friend a sandwich if they do, too. You can share this message.”

Suddenly, we’re hungry — hungry for change. (And a sandwich.)