How To Be A Boss At Work According To Broad City


When it comes to getting advice from TV shows, our Broad City kweens have never failed us. From their genius party hacks (fill a paper bag with air to make it appear as though you brought a bottle of wine) to what the vagina is really for (nature’s pocket), the real question should be what *haven’t* we learned from Broad City?

This season we’ve seen Ilana amicably (kinda) move on from Deals Deals Deals to pursue careers in subway tap dancing, the field of bike messengers, and Hillary Clinton yassing. For her part, Abbi has moved her way up from Cleaner to Trainer at Soulstice and possibly into a very weird position with Trey. That’s what she said.

Abbi and Ilana may still be trying to figure out where their passion lies, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t full of indispensable advice when it comes to being a boss. Sorry, a bawse.

Don’t worry if you’re not where you thought you would be at this age.


Sometimes you just gotta get dat money for a while.

Get dat money

But don’t give up on your dreams.

don't lose sight of dreams

Finding your passion may include thinking outside the box.

Think outside the box for job ideas

And focusing on your hidden talents.

Hidden talent

It may even mean coming up with your own career.


When looking for a job, try to find a boss you can look up to.

Boss look up to

And a company where you can learn from others.

People you can learn from

Make sure to always be appropriate.

Always be appropriate

Be enthusiastic.

Be enthusiastic

Be inspiring.

Inspire others

Be respectful.

Be respectful to your boss

Own up to your mistakes.

Own mistakes

And if the company has good health benefits, even better.

health insurance

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