How To Become The Ultimate Much Digital Intern


Wed, August, 12 by

So you want to become a digital intern at Much…

That’s great! Congrats, you have a clear and concise goal and you’ve arrived at the right place to make your dreams happen,! You’re already one step closer. But now that you’re here, what are the next steps? Well, short from jumping out of the computer screen and applying for you, we’ll do you one better: Give you some super important tips on applying.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself/answer upon applying for an internship at

1. Do you like Much?
Serious question. Do you like us enough to work here? Because we only want the most enthusiastic of interns, which means an excited worker but also a fan of what we do here at Much!


2. Are you good at the internet?
This is a digital internship after all, so we want someone who knows everything about the interwebs. Are you an expert at Googling? Can you make GIFs? Do you know what’s trending on Twitter right now?


3. How well do you know pop culture?
Much is about all things cool in pop culture right now, from the funniest comedians to the hottest gossip. Who is Ed Sheeran potentially dating right now? What is the latest viral video? And, most importantly, where are we at with this Drake and Meek Mill beef? Seriously, someone give us an update ASAP. In conclusion: you must live and breathe pop culture.


4. How are you with words?
Writing is going to be an integral part of this internship so we need good writers. You don’t need to be attending school for journalism (although that’s a plus), but you do need to be a proficient wordsmith. If you run your own blog (hint: knowledge of WordPress will be super helpful), or you think you’re particularly witty on Twitter, please share your skills! Give us links to your work or, y’know, write a super good resume and cover letter! Speaking of which…


5. Is your resume and cover letter in tip-top shape?
The following is an incomplete list of common mistakes we’ve seen in cover letters and resumes over the years, PLEASE AVOID THESE:
– Resumes that are too long (two pages MAX)
– Attaching an 11-page portfolio to your resume (again, we can only read so much!)
– Paragraphs instead of bullet points on your resume (BE CONCISE, WE BEG YOU)
– Embarrassing e-mails (time to make a professional one)
– Unnecessary details (no, we don’t want your Soundcloud link)
– Irrelevant work experience
– Spelling or grammar errors
– Note on cover letters: list not what we can do for you, but what you can offer us!

If you can successfully answer these questions with flying colours then we want you! Email your cover letter and resume to with the subject line “Digital Entertainment Content.” (We are currently looking for fall interns who are available to work for school credit.)

Good luck!