How To Celebrate Halloween If You’re Broke

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In our opinion, Halloween is the best holiday for a number of reasons. It’s fun, it’s scary (in a good way), eating candy is encouraged, and it doesn’t take much money to enjoy it.

Looking to celebrate the ghoulish side of life this weekend but getting scared off by your bank account? Fear not! Here’s how to celebrate Halloween without bringing your debt back from the dead.

You don’t need to buy an expensive costume to have fun on Halloween! Check out all the amazing DIY tutorials from our Much Creators and get ready to wow your friends with both your craft and your finance skills.

Spend tonight and tomorrow on the couch watching Much’s stacked line up of ghostly goodies, including Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark, House At The End Of The Street and a marathon of The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episodes. Click here for the full scary schedule!

Treehouse of Horror

Borrow a younger cousin and offer to take them Trick Or Treating in exchange for a ‘candy tax’.

Trick or treating

Celebrate Halloween on Sunday when candy, costumes, and decorations are a whopping fifty per cent off.

Halloween sale

Haunted houses too expensive? Check out Much Creators 4YallEntertainment and Dan James getting scared in public and enjoy your clean underwear in the comfort of your own home.

Listen to these five terrifying podcasts…if you dare!

Scary Podcasts

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