How To Celebrate Harry Potter’s 35th Birthdaycus Today

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Harry Potter and his merry band of friends have been in our hearts since they were 11 years old. Throughout each of the films, we’ve seen them laugh, cry and overall just grow but those days are over because, well, there are no more movies. So, sure, we may not get to witness first-hand how our favourites from Hogwarts are doing but thanks to the beauty of the internet, we can certainly hypothesize. Fan-fic writers, take note.

Today is Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. (It’s also author J.K. Rowling’s 50th birthday.) 30th birthdays are sort of like the wake up call of celebrations because, basically, if you don’t have your sh*t together by 40, you’ll have a lot more problems to deal with. That being said, 35 marks the halfway point, a chance to take a breather and make sure you’re on the right track. Or, you know, in the case of some other people, it’s a chance to rewrite some of your MANY mistakes. Whatever the case, considering it’s Harry Potter’s fictional birthday (and J.K Rowling’s ACTUAL b-day), we thought, what better time to go over some of the best ways to celebrate a wizard birthday… a middle-aged wizard birthday that is.

Grab your Hogwarts homies and reminisce over some old videos.
Like a first screen test sort of old video, to be exact. Seriously, look at those adorable budding little wizards; they don’t even know the ruckus they’re about to get up to. If that doesn’t have a fully adolescent Harry Potter weeping nothing will.

Settle in with Ginny and the kids and watch a good Quidditch match.
But for the love of Dumbledore don’t even think about playing. Your knees and back are NOT what they used to be, so just grab a Butterbeer and make yourself comfortable, alright?

Enjoy some mildly sweetened cupcakes
Note the word MILDLY. Magic or no magic, high-blood pressure is still a force to be reckoned with.

And of course TRY not to end up like Mr. Weasley
Seriously, he’s a wreck…

Alright, looks like you’re all set to have an appropriate 35th birthday, Harry. Make it count, though, because 40 is just around the corner!