How To Have The Most Canadian Canada Day Of All Time Without Leaving Your House


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Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! You have a day off in the middle of the week! What the heck is up with that, right? This is great! But how do you celebrate the birth of our great country while also just kickin’ it? We want to help you celebrate Canada Day by also embracing the gift that is a day to chill midweek. This is our guide to having the most Canadian Canada Day of all time without leaving your house.

10:00 AM: It is your day off! Sleep in. But not too much. We have a lot of Canadian-ness to jam in to today.


10:15 AM: First things first. You MUST find some vehicle for getting maple syrup into your mouth and belly. Sure a spoonful directly into your mouth is the quickest but the birth of our nation deserves a killer start in the form of pancakes. We are all about the just add water variety but this recipe for fluffy buttermilk pancakes looks amazing. Make this a complete breakfast with coffee from your favourite local Canadian roaster and a smoothie with seasonal Ontario, Nova Scotia or B.C. produce. Yummy AND patriotic.

11:00 AM: It is time to get ready for the rest of your day. A good Canadian needs to be well bathed and well groomed. So while you are brushing your teeth and picking out your outfit from a Canadian company like Roots or Naked & Famous, make sure you have some good Canadian jams on in the background. The first name that comes to mind? DRIZZY!


But, can we suggest a few others? Build up the playlist around Drake with these tracks.

Alessia Cara “Here”:

Jazz Cartier ft. DCF “Always Up To Something”:

TOPS “Diamond Look”:

DIAMOND LOOK | TOPS from RodeoProduction on Vimeo.

12:00 PM: You just had a delicious and filling breakfast so let’s push off lunch for a bit. Now is the time to fit in some good old CanCon television. Our number one recommendation has to be Orphan Black. That show rocks our world. Plus, the star Tatiana Maslany makes Canada proud with her billion awards nominations and ability to play a million different characters at once.

Orphan Black

Seasons 1 and 2 are on CraveTV and you can watch all of season three online now at

This is also a chance to revisit old favourites or those shows from your Canadian childhood that everyone can’t believe you didn’t watch. May we remind you of the glory that is Breaker High?


2:00 PM: Press pause on your binge watching for a food break. It is time to look to the sea for one of the world’s greatest sandwiches, the lobster roll. Once only the food of small town restaurants on the east coast, now even Subway and McDonald’s have one on their menus. Once you get the lobster meat, the recipe is really easy. You don’t even need to cook it or break it open at home. You can buy lobster meat fresh or frozen at a lot of grocery stores. Check out this recipe. The key is definitely the buttered and toasted hot dog bun, with the sides sliced off.


3:00 PM: Get your butt back in front of the tube. But this time, for some of the best video games Canada has to offer. One of the most well respected developers Ubisoft is based in Canada. You may have heard of a little game called Assassin’s Creed. Yup. Canadian. They have also developed Watch Dogs and Michael Jackson: The Experience. Something for everyone! We also have a big indie game industry. Fez, developed by Montreal native Phil Fish grossed $260,000 in its first 24 hours and was featured in the documentary, Indie Game: The Movie. Game on!


6:00 PM:: All of this expressing our patriotism through lounging has already made us ready for dinner. When we were trying to think of a good Canadian option for dinner we came up with a few good options. Tourtière. Alberta beef. Cod and chips. But today is all about being lazy. So we have one word for you. POUTINE.

ketchup chips

7:00 PM: Call up your friends for a night in. Who wants to fight the crowds to catch 9 minutes of Roman candles and one minute of real money shot fireworks? Just give me the last 1 minute!! Make sure you have Canadian snack foods on hand like ketchup chips, Smarties and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars. We’re getting hungry just thinking of that spread. Also, some beer from a local Canadian brewer like Bellwood Brewery or McAuslan Brewing consumed responsibly is a great edition. If you need a little pyrotechnic spectacle, light up some sparklers to wave around.

trivial pursuit

8:00 PM: Your friends have arrived and are itching for some Canadian themed activities. Luckily you have it all planned out. First up, a round of Trivial Pursuit. The popular quiz board game was invented by Chris Haney, a photo editor for Montreal’s The Gazette and Scott Abbot, a sports editor for The Canadian Press. The great thing about the game is that so many editions have been made that there is bound to be one that caters to your specific knowledge. May we recommend the 90’s trivia edition? Just tell your friends it is Trivia Crack IRL.

Scott Pilgrim Gif

10:00 PM: Wrap up your Canada Day with one thing that makes us really proud to be Canadian, great Canadian cinema. Sure you can go dark with some David Cronenberg or Atom Egoyan but is that really fun for a movie night? We are going to vote no. Instead let’s celebrate the greatness that is a good Canadian comedy. Give one of these three a try.


The F Word:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: (This also has a killer Canadian soundtrack)

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