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How To Have The Perfect CNE Date


Fri, September, 4 by


Unlike the chilly confines of winter, summer is an ideal season for romance and flings and there’s no better place to go on a date than a fair. Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition is an annual hot spot for fried foods, carnival games and all of the couples. You literally can’t walk two steps without spotting a couple holding stuffed animals they won for each other.

Whether you’re a CNE novice or a seasoned pro, we want to ensure that you pull of the most romantic date possible this year. Like, guaranteed to be more romantic and fun than carnival scenes from The O.C., The Notebook and Never Been Kissed COMBINED. Are you ready for the challenge?

Take in the sights on Sky Ride
Okay, yes, the Sky Ride is technically just a ski lift but we still recommend going on it, especially with a date. The slow ride, which takes you from one end of the CNE to the other, is a scenic adventure that allows you to see the festivities from a unique angle. Plus, it’s a prime PDA spot!


Or go on the ferris wheel
The ferris wheel is a must on a date. Similar to the Sky Ride, the views are amazing and the semi-privacy up there is ideal for a smooch or two. We surveyed a number of CNE workers about the most romantic ride there and you can probably guess what everyone said. (Yep, the ferris wheel.)

Impress your date by winning them a prize
Just make sure your date has a place at home for a ginormous Minion first.


Buy them a delicious necklace
If winning stuffed Pikachus and Hello Kittys aren’t your thing, impress your date with a candy necklace instead! Who doesn’t like a yummy piece of jewelry!


Play a round of ring toss
Forget what that Simpsons episode taught you and buy a bucket of rings to play ring toss. Nothing says “I’m committed to this date” like putting a ring on it. The bottle, that is.


See a psychic
Wanna know what the future of your relationship holds? Ask a professional!


Two words: Food Building
One of the main attractions at the CNE every year is its outrageous food selection. There is something for everyone inside the magical Food Building, from Jamaican patty burgers to garlic crab fries. If you and your date are feeling adventurous (and hungry), team up and tackle the food together. Buy a few different things, find a spot at a nearby picnic table and share your food! Because there’s nothing cuter than drinking a coffee donut milkshake with two straws!


Much Creator Patrick Tomasso attempted to eat everything at this year’s CNE, check it out!

Mix your two fave slushie flavours together
There are various slushie stands around the CNE grounds, but instead of buying one for yourself, why not combine you and your date’s fave flavours together and share? After all, you’re not full from the Food Building yet, right?