The Debate Over How To Pronounce Blink-182 Is Getting Out Of Control

Water is no longer wet, down is now up, and we are officially shook. Apparently we’ve been saying blink-182 incorrectly for the past 25 years. In a word, dammit.

The debate, which we didn’t even know was open for discussion, began earlier this month when The Late Late Show’s James Corden weighed in on the popular English pronunciation of the So-Cal pop punk band name. Corden confirmed that the English refer to the band as Blink One Eight Two, also noting that they should really be Blink One Hundred And Eighty Two. Both options sound ludicrous to us.

Are we the only ones who never considered there was an option other than Blink One Eighty-Two? Additionally, do we want to live in a world where we have to say anything other than Blink One Eighty-Two?

Founding band member Mark Hoppus weighed in to the debate on Twitter, which should have put an end to the madness, but instead just acted as a reminder of how the band stylizes their name. Good note, but not helpful.

Former band member Tom DeLonge has also attempted to clarify the Great Debate of 2018 on Twitter, with Spin writer Tosten Burke attributing DeLonge’s pronunciation to a long-standing rivalry between the band’s hometown and a neighbouring city. But frankly, Blink Eighteen Two feels weird to say and DeLonge isn’t in the band anymore, so we’re not doing it. Sorry not sorry.

To be on the safe side, the band’s Wikipedia page has covered all three options, listing the pronunciation of Blink-182 as “‘blink one eighty two’ or ‘blink one eight two’ or as per Tom DeLonge ‘blink eighteen two.'”

But if we really want to get to the bottom of this, and we do, we have to look at how the band has been saying their name since 1995, which is Blink One Eighty-Two. As for whether it means anything, this interview with Hoppus and Amy Schumer (for real) from 2011 clears up the confusion. Spoiler: it doesn’t mean anything. Rock on, Blink One Eighty-Two.