A Guide To Surviving Coachella Weekend 2


Scoring tickets to the second weekend of Coachella might feel like a huge bust (festival spoiler alerts anyone?), but NOT attending the first weekend invites a few perks too. Learn from our mistakes using this guide to attending Coahcella Weekend 2 like a boss.

The bigger the squad, the better

It’s doubtful you’d be going to Coachella solo. Sure, bigger groups mean more people to accommodate and lose, but when it comes to festivals, we’re all stronger in numbers. Planning matching outfits, holding up obscure signs and sending bubble signals are all great ways to let people know which squad you’re a part of.

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Pick a meeting spot and stick with it

Fact: The Coachella grounds, like most festivals, are big and busy. Sudden separation from your squad can happen in a flash. Picking a ‘Meeting Spot A’ (and B if necessary) will ensure you always find your friends. Note: If said meeting spot is located in a 21+ area, keep in mind these areas close early at 11 p.m. on Sunday. If you’re not inside before closing time, send an SOS because your SMS won’t work.


Bring walkie-talkies

If you’re from Canada, you’re probably not too stoked on racking up those data fees. Bringing walkie-talkies can be a simple fix—as long as you’re within the same area as your people, you shouldn’t have a problem connecting.


The desert will play you hot and cold

One of your priorities at Coachella (aside from the music) might be the fashion, and this can mean disregarding any consideration for surrounding weather conditions. You’re in the middle of the desert. Be warned, it’s hot by day, cold by night.


Prepare to be pushed at Jack Ü

Why Jack Ü wasn’t slotted for the main stage is beyond us. Whether you’re a fan of electronic music, or you’re hoping for a Bieber cameo, you’ll probably find yourself at the outdoor stage for Jack Ü. If you’re someone that gets claustrophobic easily, you might want to hang at the back—meaning back at main stage because that’s how far the crowd stretches.


Get to Yuma early, or don’t get in

Yuma is a great place to dance the night (and traffic) away. Get there early or else you’ll be watching the fun go down from the outside. It’s also a great ‘Meeting Spot B’ since it’s on the way out anyway.


Do the Do LaB

If you don’t get a chance to hit the Do LaB dance floor, you’ll regret it come Monday. The DJ sets, acrobatic performances, and colourful stage design make it the perfect spot to set up shop and snap those Insta pics you’ve been waiting for all year.

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If you miss Sia, you did it wrong

Not seeing Sia was the best way to see Sia. The hit-maker’s set landed as the most talked about performance of the weekend. It was assumed she’d be hidden under her staple wig, but the incorporation of dance performances by Kristen Wiig, Maddie Ziegler and Paul Dano changed the game for future Coachella guests and live performances in general.

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