How To Throw The Ultimate Shark Week Party

Shark Week Party Main

Shark Week is upon us and ready to take a bite out of good intentions to go outside and enjoy the summer weather. Everybody out of the water and onto the couch, amirite?

Watching Shark Week is pretty great, but watching it with other shark/TV enthusiasts is greater white. Shark pun FTW.

Here are a few things you’ll need to throw the ultimate Shark Week party.

Invite A DLS

A DLS or Designated Left Shark is the person who gets the party going. Have a friend that loves rattling off useless facts during social functions? Tell them to brush up on their shark-facts and make them the life of the party for the night.


Have Snacks

Snacks are a must have for any party, but ain’t no party like a Shark Week party cuz a Shark Week party has shark-themed snacks. Don’t worry if you’re tight on time. Pizza slices can be shark fins, nacho chips can be shark fins, sandwiches cut into four can be shark fins…actually, most food looks like shark fins.

HAve snacks

Make It Cozy

Unlike the vast and endless ocean waters a shark calls home, your living room is small and cramped and we all know that ‘huge’ couch is condo-sized. Turn off your lights, close the windows and tell your guests that you’re recreating what it feels like to be in the belly of a shark.

room for everyone to sit

Set Rules

Shark Week waits for no mammal! With a jam-packed schedule of shark-related content every day, remind your guests what happens if they’re late. They’ll be eaten by sharks! Or they have to bring extra dip. Your choice.

remind ppl what happens if they're late

Organize Games

Need a few ideas for Shark Week games? How about Pin The 50 Teeth On The Shark. Play charades using only shark-themed movies. Or our personal favourite, instruct everyone to eat a gummy shark every time someone on TV says “Shark Week”.


This year marks the 20th year of SHARK WEEK on Discovery Canada. Amazing right? Clearly the most wonderful time of the year.

The whole terrifying and informative week is on now and continues through Friday, July 12 on Discovery and