How Well Do You Know Spice World Really?


Tue, November, 4 by

Spice Girls

Happy Birthday Spice World! The second album by the greatest pop group of all time (according to me) was released 17 years ago today. The album features such classics as “Spice Up Your Life” and the underrated favourite “Too Much”. Spice Girls taught us how to love being a girl whether you liked wearing tear away track pants or a Union Jack mini dress.

But the anniversary of the album got us thinking about the movie by the same name. Spice World rocks! I know I have watched it at least a dozen times and was so incredibly excited when I got a copy of it on VHS at a Secret Santa exchange not very long ago. Remember this part?


The movie is also incredibly quotable so we wanted to test your knowledge. We’ll give you a line from the movie and you have to pick which Spice Girl said it.

Have you worn out your VHS copy of Spice World? Take our Quote Quiz to find out how well you know it.