Hozier Reveals The Celebrity Clubhouse Backstage At SNL


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Hozier’s hit song “Take Me To Church” is so big that it landed him the coveted spot as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. For any new artist it is a huge moment and when he came in through Much last month, he declared it his favourite moment of 2014. For someone who blew up this year, it must have been a long list to choose from.

When he was on SNL, Bill Hader was the guest host and Kristin Wiig made a surprise appearance. But the crazy thing is that they weren’t the only people hanging around. Not even appearing on the show!

“Paul Rudd was backstage and Seth Rogen was backstage and Zach Galifianakis was there. Steven Spielberg was backstage. Just meeting those people. It’s nuts,” he said.

Geez. That must really be the place to be. You would think that they would have other things to do. Very cool!

Of course, Hozier also talked about the song that helped propel him to a level where he could hang out with an award winning director like Spielberg. And it is very moving.

Hozier explained that “Take Me To Church”, expresses the frustration with organisations that teach people to be ashamed of their sexuality.

“[The video] is based specifically on the rise of attacks that were going on in Russia after these new laws which took away kind of the rights of free speech of people in the LGBT community,” he said. “There was this kind of increase of these very organised attacks against very young LGBT community members. So the video references that.”

Check out the rest of the clip below where he talks about not liking to write about himself and his sold out North American tour.

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