Hurt Everybody Not As Scary As Their Name Seems


Wed, August, 6 by


Hurt Everybody may not be the name you want if you want to garner warm feelings about your group. But,don’t let it deter you. The Chicago hip-hop trio are all I can listen to right now.

The group is made up of the unfairly young 17-year-old rapper Carl, 24-year-old rapper/producer Supa Bwe, and 19-year-old producer Mulatto Beats. Their name comes from the idea that change is painful and they want to force everyone through change. But for a group trying to be so painful, their music is terribly listenable and has no right to be as beautiful as it is.

Now here are some stats:

Must Listen Song: Okay. Before we get much further, go listen to Hella Lightning/Hella Swords. Do it. I’ll wait. Here.

Now do you recognise that sample? Well it is the default iPhone Marimba ringtone. I can’t listen to that song too much because that is my ringtone and every time I hear it I feel that small shock of anxiety you get when you hear your ring in the distance. But as a sample beat it is genius.

Okay… another must listen song: My Pack. Oh good goodness. My Pack. This song makes you feel like you are eating chicken noodle soup. But soup that makes you warm and cozy but also sad. It is like Kendrick Lamar doing a Lorde song.

Fun facts:
1) Years ago, a girl was playing around and lit Supa Bwe’s beard on fire. He can’t grow hair on the tip of his chin anymore.

2) They broke a million plays on the Soundcloud page on August 1.

3) Supa Bwe likes this Vine:

Good if you like: Chance the Rapper, TV on the Radio, Danny Brown, video games, happiness.

You have stopped reading haven’t you. Hurt Everybody will do that to you. Now go forth and get Hurt!