Remember Gibby From iCarly? He’s A Rapper Now


Ah, Gibby. For those who grew up under a rock and are unaware, Gibby, also known as Noah Munck, is best known for being the odd friend of Carly and Sam on the hit Nickelodeon show iCarly.

Munck hasn’t done much acting since the end of iCarly, appearing in small movie roles and becoming a recurring character on ABC’s The Goldbergs, where he plays “Naked Rob Smith” (He’s a shoe-in for roles where he takes off his clothes, apparently).

Following the conclusion of iCarly and his failed attempt to create his own spin-off show, Gibby, Munck has now shifted gears to another art form—rapping.

That’s right, the spikey-haired menace known for taking his shirt off nearly every episode and dating a young Emily Ratajkowski (on screen, of course) is now a rapper-producer who creates trap and electronic music under the moniker NOXIK.

This isn’t looking to be just a side-project either, as Munck has created his own website titled Skellaboys, which features his music, pictures, as well as a now deleted music video.

Through his social media, it seems that Munck has adapted to his new-found career path, changing up his Instagram and Twitter profiles to fit his “vapor-wave” aesthetic.

He’s got Roman busts on his artwork, eerily simple single covers that feature nothing but the song title, and he’s even doing the most popular SoundCloud rapper pose in his profile image: the crouch-like-you’re-praying-and-cover-your-face-with-a-peace-sign-pose.

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The music he makes is similar to those who have clearly influenced his new career decision. He borrows the moody aesthetic from popular Tumblr rappers like Yung Lean. His rap style is uniform to party-rappers like Future, or Young Thug. He’s got the auto-tuned, drowned out, distorted vocals on point and lyrics that lack any real substance.

You probably shouldn’t go into songs titled Gucci Store With The Lean On Em Sideways, or POPSTAR CA$H and expect Kendrick Lamar-esque lyrics.

In all seriousness, his production is pretty intoxicating (in a good way). His most-played song on SoundCloud, First Time, has over 20 000 plays. Though it has a simple structure to it, he throws in these unique synths and sounds to pique your interest.

If he sticks to the production side of things, he could have a future in making some spacey, head-bobbing, Friday night electronic music—as long as his fans stop referring to him as Gibby in his SoundCloud comments.