ICONS Shows That Madonna Is More Than Her Music

Looking back at the Queen of Pop’s interviews, the latest episode of ICONS aims to discover just what fame and fortune means to a woman at the top of the music industry.

Born in Bay City Michigan, Madonna Louise Ciccone has worked hard her entire life. From a straight-A student to a powerful cultural figure, ICONS proves this artist has earned her legendary place within the music industry.

Madonna began her solo singing career as a pop artist in August of 1981 and has since risen to the top. Since breaking into the then male-dominated genre, Madonna has strived to flip society on its head. By 1991, Madonna had 21 top 10 hits in the United States, and was named the world’s wealthiest female musician by Forbes magazine in January of 2008.

ICONS explores this idol’s controversial career in relation to her views on the patriarchy and the power of gender performance. Through her own words you’ll be given a unique insight into how Madonna thinks, and how her work has shaped the world as we know it today.

Watch the latest ICONS mini doc below to see just how Madonna has changed the game, and watch ICONS on Much Fridays at 10E/7P