If Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Were Sisters IRL

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Let’s be honest here: when it comes to friendship goals, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are forever killing it. Even before the days of SNL, the universe knew that these two were destined for greatness, and by greatness we mean making fun of themselves on-screen for our enjoyment. They’ve worked on multiple shows, been in movies, hosted award shows together and, throughout it all, you can still tell they deeply love each other a lot. No, seriously, like screw #friendshipgoals and welcome to the world of #sistergoals. Speaking of which, don’t they have a movie coming out about that on December 18 or something?

That got us thinking, we’ve seen how hilarious these two have been as just pals, but imagine how mind-blowing it would be if the queens of comedy were actual sisters! What kind of sisters would they be?! Well, we’re glad you asked!

First of all, they’d prooooobably be inseparable.
We can just picture it now: sharing their toys with each other, being in the same friend circles, going to each other’s improv shows — they’d be by each other’s sides 24/7. Well either that or they’d fight all they time and not want anything to do with each other, but let’s stick with the first one.

They’d be trouble-makers.
Of course, since they’d be together more often, that just means they’d get up to 10 times more trouble. Just look at these hooligans heckling poor little Neil (and he got off lucky). If these two spent a life time together, we’d all be screwed… meh, at least it would still be funny.

They’d for sure be pranking non-stop.
Speaking of trouble, we can only imagine the amount of prank wars that would go down in the home of young Tina and Amy. They already messed with half the audience at the Golden Globes and that’s as full-grown adult pranksters. Can you picture what they’d get up to as young punks who have been together since BIRTH?! They’d be prank masters by the age of 10!

EVERYTHING would become an inside joke for them
Interviews with these two, as it is, seem like a wild ride and that’s only after 20 years of friendship. If they actually spent their childhood together, there’s no doubt they would’ve come up with their own language by now. In fact, we’re gonna go ahead and assume that a real conversation with them would probably be impossible. Totally hilarious, but impossible.

They’d be staying up all night for shinanigans like this.
Oh boy, this video says it all. What we hadn’t even considered up until now is how their parents would be coping through all this. Seriously though, imagine trying to get some sleep one night but you physically can’t because little Tina and Amy won’t stop trying to master their damn Kevin G. rap! Good luck explaining THAT to your boss in the morning.

They’d be honest with each other no matter what.
Alright this one is more of an optimistic suggestion. Although, judging from this video, they’re already pretty good at calling each other out on their poker faces so we can’t be too far off, right?

Most importantly, though, they’d be hella supportive for each other
Amy and Tina would certainly make a troublesome pair of sisters but we can also tell they’d be just as adorable. We can see them rooting for each other their whole lives and the best part is, we don’t even need to imagine them as sisters to know that one’s true. Just take a look as this sweet little clip and see for yourself!

Oh and in case you can’t get enough of the sisterhood of Amy and Tina, Sisters comes out on December 18 – check out the trailer below!