Iggy Azalea Officially Releases ‘Switch’ Video With Anitta

It’s no secret that Iggy Azalea’s sophomore effort Digital Distortion has been plagued by delays. In 2016 after completing the record, Azalea decided to scrap the album and start over, producing the new music herself.

Azalea’s second single “Mo Bounce” finally dropped in March, exactly one year after her lead track “Team” appeared online. Thankfully, Azalea’s third single “Switch” arrived much faster, with the Aussie rapper teaming up with Brazilian singer Anitta for the May 19 single.

Soon after the song premiered online, Azalea released a snippet of the video shoot, showing off her famous curves and rocking her ‘red, yellow, and green’ light costumes with her dancers.

Making her iHeartRadio MMVA debut in June (watch here), Iggy gave an energetic and sexy performance of “Switch,” bringing the infectious anthem to Canada. It seemed like the perfect time to release the music video, but unfortunately hackers posted the video online before it was completed.

After part of the video leaked online earlier this summer, it appeared that Iggy would not be releasing “Switch,” with Azalea later confirming the news on Twitter.

Thankfully, either Azalea or her management team has had a change of heart, with the visual for “Switch” popping up online this weekend.

In the new video, Azalea and her team of dancers remake an empty pool and use it as their matching red, yellow and green backdrop. Anitta also makes an appearance, pretending to watch ice sculptures of alligators before lounging in a pool with Azalea. The pair later wear matching cheetah print outfits while surrounded by the large cats.

As for Azalea’s Digital Distortion, the planned release date of June 30, with Azalea tweeting that the album should arrive sometime this summer.