IKEA Has Never Been More Terrifying (And That’s Saying Something)


Good news: now you can break up with your significant other over trying (and failing) to assemble an IKEA-fied movie villain. Way cooler than breaking up over furniture assembly related frustration.

Everyone loves IKEA for their simple, wordless instruction booklets that come with their simple, wordless furniture. Assembling said furniture requires very few extraneous tools — most things can be built with that weird key thing included in the box. Building IKEA stuff does require patience though. Often an infinite amount. Many a relationship has died on the altar of a poorly put together Expedit shelf. It’s a common but nonetheless embarrassing reason to break up — but no more! Now you can dump your significant other over a shoddily built Beetlejuice, Freddie Kruger, or that l’il chest-busting guy from Alien.


Artist Ed Harrington has created a series of IKEA instruction manuals that feature all your fave horror movie villains complete with fake Swedish names and that ever-present IKEA key. For novices, we recommend building your own BETEL GEUSE:


If you’re one of those smug couples who think nothing could ever tear you apart (LOL), try assembling this VORHEES:


And if you really want to break up with someone but ghosting just isn’t your thing, we recommend DIY-ing your own CHUKY and sending it to your soon-to-be ex via your favourite courier service:


Check out more of Harrington’s horrifying IKEA art below and follow him on Instagram here.


By Corrina Allen