Is Justin Bieber Still Nursing A Broken Heart?


What do you mean Justin Bieber isn’t dating anyone?

Despite getting hot and heavy with model Xenia Deli in his latest video for What Do You Mean?, homegrown heartthrob Justin Bieber is apparently single.

While on-air with Australian radio hosts Kylie and Jackie O, Bieber said he isn’t interested in having a girlfriend anytime soon. “I haven’t been in a relationship for a while now,” he said. “I’m chillin’, just hanging out and being by myself.”

But he’s still hopeful. “I am a relationship type of guy, I love to be in love and I love cuddling,” he said. “But I got my heart broken and so I’m just going to let that heal up.”

He also denied rumors that his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s name appears in the What Do You Mean? video, which was spotted by fans last week, saying that it “might be fake”.


It seems that, at least for now, the Biebs is more focused on making new music, repairing his reputation and his broken heart.

Justin, if you need any help with that, we’d be glad to lend a hand. We love cuddling too.