Is Liam Payne Becoming One Direction’s Most Likable Member?


The world’s biggest boy band has come undone.

After a Zayn Malik’s messy departure from One Direction, followed by the band’s announcement of a hiatus (or scheduled break up) next March, the remaining members seem to have adopted an every-man-for-himself mentality.

All the while, Liam seems to have stayed grounded.  If Zayn was One Direction’s resident bad boy, Liam is the golden boy. Unlike his band mates, he’s hasn’t gotten into Twitter feuds with other celebs. He’s been staying out of the tabloids (not that he ever frequented them) and focused on the music. The only shade he’s been throwing is pun-related.

Add to fact that Attitude, Europe’s biggest gay magazine, just named him Sexiest Man of the Year (he also covered last month’s issue) and he’s definitely in the running for being the most successful solo member.


Perfect, the band’s next single from their upcoming album Made in the A.M., drops tomorrow with the full album slated for release on Nov. 13. Here’s the current state of every other 1D member, and why they have zero chance at eclipsing Liam’s bid for being number one.

Harry Styles 

Harry hasn’t spoken much about what he plans to do with his time away from One Direction but recent headlines related to him tell me his hair has grown uncomfortably long, he has broken his foot, and might be dating a model from New Zealand. He doesn’t seem to be too focused on building his own brand separate from 1D.


Louis Tomlinson 

Naturally, he’s most likely too preoccupied with preparing himself for parenthood. Latest news on Louis reports that he might be having a baby girl. Maybe becoming a dad will boost his likability factor but as of right now he’s essentially the Joey Fatone of the band.


Zayn Malik

While he might be the member with the best aesthetic and musical ability, he’s definitely not the most likable of the group. Between his hasty departure from the band, spontaneous break up with his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards, and numerous Twitter spats with other celebrities, he’s basically the villain of the group.


Niall Horan

People can barely remember that he’s Irish, I think it’s safe to say we don’t think he’ll be coming out on top.