Is The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus A Good kisser? Ask His Co-Stars!

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When you’ve got the rugged bad ass looks of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon, we assume you probably wouldn’t have too many confidence issues with your kissing skills, and in the case of Norman Reedus, we coudn’t be more right. Turns out, he has went ahead and kissed not one, not two, but SIX of his co-stars, and those are just the ones caught on camera!

We’re all about sharing the zombie-fighting love so we decided to compile a list of Norman’s best smooches, and trust us, there’s some good ones. *Wink, wink, nudge nudge* Danai! Oh, and for the record, if there’s any chance of us getting on this list, we’re very available, Norm.

Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh)
Quite possibly one of the cutest displays of bromance that we’ve seen in a while. Norman showed up to The Walking Dead panel at Chicago Comicon and right away puckers up for his buddy Jon without any hesitation. The real question here is, how many fangirls were hardcore freaking out at this point?

Laurie Holden (Andrea)
These two were actually rumoured to be dating for a while when wrote a story about it. But, it was quickly dismissed when Norman replied to the blog on Twitter with a swift “No. I’ve kissed all of em. And I mean ALL OF EM.x” That you did, Norman; that you did.

Andrew Licoln (Rick Grimes)
Now this one is a friendship for the ages! Out of all of the co-stars receiving Reedus smooches, good ole Andy here, probably gets the most. No, for real; just TRY googling “Andrew Licoln Norman Reedus” without seeing some serious PDA. The bromance is strong with these two.


Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier)
Not gonna lie: when it comes to Daryl and Carol, we shipped these two pretty hard. So, naturally, seeing some off-camera love gave us some super satisfaction. Apparently Melissa didn’t mind either — just look at that big ole smile!

Emmy Kinney (Beth Greene)
Speaking of shipping characters, these two were probably at the top of the fanfic list. It got so intense that rumors about them dating even started to spread. However, once again those stories were quickly squashed and fangirls and boys everywhere had to save their Beth and Daryl love for the on-camera universe instead. Try not to be too sad though, everyone, because even as just friends they’re pretty dang adorable.

Danai Gurira (Michone)
Wooo, talk about steamy! In a video filmed during the first day of filming season six, Danai was having a quick chat with Michael Cudlitz when Norman pops up and seriously plants one on her. We can’t tell if we’re more jealous of Danai or Norman but we may or may not be shipping some Daryl and Michone action in season six now. Writers, take note!
Michone and Dare bear

…Although not EVERYONE is on board with the Norman love

Steven Yeun ( Glenn)

Sarah Wayne Callies (Laurie Grimes)

Don’t worry Norm, you’ll get ’em next time!