Is This Dog The Next Great Musician?


Tue, March, 31 by

Sure, humans can pick up and instrument and play it, no problem. But that’s not impressive. You know what is? Animals. Although we generally don’t associate animals with being rhythmically inclined creatures — at least when it comes to creating music humans can enjoy — this growing Vine star is here to prove to us that dogs arguably have better musical skills than most of us.

Meet Maple, the cutest dog in all of the internets.

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You may remember her from this viral video.

Talented, right? Well that’s not all! She can also keep a great drum beat going as seen here, performing The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army!

And here, playing the bongos to Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk.

She even rocks the glockenspiel in this cover of Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc!

She’s practically coaching her owner now.

But when she’s too tired, she just curls up next to her owner as he plays little tunes for her. Awww!!

We are totally in love.