Check Out Pics From Last Night’s ‘Is This Live’ Launch Party


It all started in 1984, with the very first MuchMusic VJ, Christopher Ward. Now, after 32 years on the air, Ward is looking back at our iconic history in his new book Is This Live?. 

In the 321-page book, Ward revisits his five-year stint as an on-air host, delivering pop culture nostalgia straight out of the ’80s and ’90s with unbelievable stories about artists like The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, The Tragically Hip, Bryan Adams and more.

Last night, we celebrated the launch of his book right here at Much HQ, bringing together past and present VJs, musicians and of course, Ward himself.

Enjoy this blast from the past by checking out the best pics from last night and pick up Is This Live?, available October 25, wherever books are sold and right here on Much. Check out the digital companion with over 50 videos from the Much archive here.

Our own Liz Trinnear talked about what it meant to grow up with Much, only to become a VJ herself. 


The past and present of Much VJhood crashed when the first host ever and current host snapped a pic together. 


If Tyrone Edwards’ younger self knew that his present self would go on to be an actual Much VJ, this is the face he’d make.


T-Rex kept it fresh on the red carpet with a navy jacket and cool kicks. 


Former Much VJ Natalie Richard talked about what it meant to be a French-Canadian host and how she got the nickname “Le Renard,” which translates to “fox.”


Former Much VJ Steve Anthony reminisced on the crazy antics of his days at Much. 


The OG Much VJ crew Steve Anthony, Laurie Brown, Christopher Ward, Kim Clarke Champniss and Erica Ehm posed together for the first time in years. 


Lead singer of Glass Tiger, Alan Frew, got nostalgic about his interview with Ward way back when. 


Mark Holmes of Platinum Blonde and Ward recreated their epic interview in which Ward’s boss burst onto set during filming and yelled, “Booooring!”


Musician Lawrence Gowan and Holmes unleashed their inner Rock Gods for this photo. 


RapCity alum and now one of the hosts of The Social Traci Melchor talked about her favourite memories of Much. 


Former Much VJ Monika Deol, on the other hand, couldn’t choose just one favourite memory of Much–she gave us a whole list!


At the end of the night, we rounded up all the past and present VJs for one EPIC group photo.