It Is Official! 2014 Was The Year of The Booty


This year, the backside was at the forefront. Booties have been a worshipped asset for years but this year they had their biggest moment. Twerking may have had a big year last year but that didn’t meant that butts would disappear in 2014. Iggy Azalea and J. Lo (the godmother of booties) sang an homage to the bottom in the song simply “Booty”.

And shall we not forget the magazine cover that almost broke the internet, Paper magazine featuring Kim Kardashian. Now that is one good advertisement for baby oil. But the greatest tribute to the rear end since, appropriately “Baby Got Back”, was the music video for “Anaconda”. We will all always remember the first time we saw that music video.

Check out our homage to the top bottoms of 2014!