It’s Been 20 Days Since Justin Bieber’s Big Apology So How Is He Doing Now?


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Last month, Justin Bieber made his first TV appearance in a very, very long time and following that, he came forward with a statement that made us believe that Bieber may be on his way to finally recovering from the hell-raising year that was 2014. Saying something is one thing, though: has Justin actually changed his attitude since his Facebook apology? Well, it’s been 20 days since that video was posted so we’ve decided to check in on the Biebs and see if he has kept his promise to give us a new, reformed Justin Bieber.

Day 1: The Apology
On January 28, Justin Bieber made a special appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to give the talk show host a bouquet of flowers and Calvin Kleins for her birthday. That same day, he posted a video on Facebook revealing to fans that he was nervous about his TV appearance because he didn’t want to come off as “arrogant” or “conceited”. He also added: “I’m not who I was pretending to be,” most likely referring to the slew of bad boy headlines that’s been keeping the tabloids in business for the past year.

We must note that although the message appears to be heartfelt, Bieber never actually apologized for anything in particular in this video. Instead, he was just merely stating that he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t. This is a start, but we were going to need some solid evidence that Justin Bieber is a good guy who is committed to atoning for his actions. We need to see it to Beliebe it.

Day 3: Justin Stops For Larry King
While driving around Los Angeles, Justin spotted Larry King and stopped his car to talk to him. This is totally random, but we guess we can count this as an act of kindness.

Day 5: Justin Aims For Tom Brady
In this Instagram video, Justin impressively knocks a red cup off of Tom Brady’s head using an elastic band. Impressive, yes, but this isn’t showing us a better Biebs. In fact, it’s the same old immature pranks we’ve grown to know him for. Stop trying to hurt professional athletes and focus more on that good boy persona you’re trying to present to us, okay?

#bullseye #tombrady #Superbowl

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That Same Day Though…
Justin surprises a teen burn victim with a bouquet of flowers and tells her she’s an inspiration. The appearance was short but sweet and, okay fine, maybe we’re starting to see a kinder Justin. Does this still feel like a front for press? Sure, a little. But part of us knows that Justin does have a soft spot for his devoted fans and it’s nice to see him making time for them again.

Day 9: Justin Gets Good Probation Grades
According to TMZ, Justin met with his probation officer on this day and has apparently been getting good grades for staying out of trouble. As the report says: “Justin got glowing reviews and seems to be sticking to his word of keeping his nose clean […] our sources say he’s serious about turning over a new leaf.”

Day 10: Justin Returns To Ellen
Justin returns to Ellen to prank some of his fans by hiding in a bathroom with Ellen. Justin likes his pranks and, yes, they can come off as immature and dumb, but we’ll accept this one. Mostly because Ellen, the nicest human being on Earth, was also in on it.

Day 14: Anger Management & Community Service Update
Although Justin has completed nine out of 12 anger management classes, as a result from egging his neighbour’s house last year, he has yet to do his five days of community service. His lawyer Shawn Holly claims that Justin is unable to fulfill his community service hours (which would including picking up garbage or removing graffiti) because of a foot injury he got from a soccer game in Turks and Caicos…last month. Also, it must be noted that even though he is attending anger management classes, he was originally supposed to attend one session per week, which he has failed to do.

Day 18: Justin Treats The NYPD To Dinner
Justin was in New York City this past weekend and when he spotted some cops eating a few tables away, he offered to pay for their $200 dinner bill. That’s nice!

That Same Day…
He posted this cute Instagram video showing off his solo Valentine’s Day. Surely, this idea was ripped off of Vine, but it was cute nonetheless to see Justin have a sense of humour about the romantic holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day

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Oh, and…
Justin smokes rapper Action Bronson over a game of ping pong in New York. I mean, this is neither a pro or a con against his reformed good guy act, the guy’s just good at ping pong.

Day 19: Inspiring Quotes By Justin Bieber
Justin posted this inspiring quote written by, well, himself. Do what you will with this one.

Who are you gonna encourage #iwrotethis #mythoughts #than #spellingmistake

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That Same Day…
He returns to Ellen. Again. This time, his hair is longer and he is pranking his fans again. Again, we’ll accept this because the always amazing Ellen is involved, but we don’t know how many more Ellen appearances we really need…

Day 20: Wishing Ed Sheeran A Happy B-Day!
That’s nice!

Happy birthday Ed !

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Photos reveal that Justin (and Tom Hanks?) will be starring in Carly Rae Jepsen’s new music video for her upcoming singles, I Really Like You. It’s nice to see that Justin is still working with and rooting for Jepsen, years after he signed her to his label and turned her into a pop star!

Overall Justin Bieber Score So Far?