It’s Here! Watch The Video For Shawn Mendes’ Latest “Stitches”


Thu, June, 25 by

Shawn Stitches

After his awesome performance of “Stitches” at the Much Music Video Awards on Sunday, we were just itching for the music video. The sneak peek pics showed our man a little banged up. Now we know why.

When the video opens we see Shawn singing while walking through a parking garage, empty except for a nice looking vintage car. But only a few steps into his little stroll through the parkade, Shawn gets punched by an invisabile force? A ghost? An invisible man? A metaphor? Who knows?

Shawn Gif

We can’t be the only ones who are searching for a first aid kit, some anticeptic cream and maybe even a paranormal expert.

Also, this may be the first time that we have ever seen Shawn not smizing. He is the king of the smize. Now he is more smouldering.

Shawn Smize

The end of the video only leaves us with more questions and we like it that way.

Check it out below.