Step Into J Dilla’s Shoes With The Instrumental Release Of ‘The Diary’


To the dedicated fans who grew up with hip hop, being a follower of the genre means more to them than keeping up with the newest releases or hearing the latest Kanye track. Today’s hip hop is built on the past—it’s comprised of samples created from tracks by late legends like J Dilla.

Hip hop fans and J Dilla die-hards around the world got an unexpected gift with the release of the legendary instrumental version of The Diary earlier this week. Solo instrumentals from the album have been sporadically released as early as June 1, but now Mass Appeal Records has debuted the instrumental tracklist in full.

Now, with the utility of the Internet and technology at the fingertips of hip hop supporters, this new instrumental counterpart allows J Dilla fans to step into the shoes of the talented artist.

The Diary was released earlier this year by Pay Jay Productions, 10 years after the death of the groundbreaking producer. Considered to be a long-lost album, The Diary was supposed to be J Dilla’s mainstream, vocal debut in 2002. Instead of producing the beats for the album, Dilla chose to showcase his own rapping talents and enlisted his favourite producers to create the music for him.

But The Diary wasn’t what MCA Records was expecting and J Dilla was dropped from the label shortly after, leaving the album unreleased.

Featuring vocal performances from Snoop Dogg and Nas, and supported by underground classics like “F**k The Police,” The Diary has garnered a lot of respect from the hip hop world.

Add your own spin on your favourite J Dilla song by downloading the instrumental version of the album here. Who knows? Maybe you have the makings of becoming a hip hop legend yourself. Don’t forget to shout us out in your album credits.