J. Law Loves Coldplay And Other Cases of Fandom Turned Love


In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are in a happy and beautiful unconfirmed relationship. According to E! J. Law was the guest of honour at the Coldplay show in Los Angeles last night. Chris apparently kept waving to her in the crowd and she knew all of the words to all of the songs. Which got me thinking? Has she always been a Coldplay fan? For how long? Has she always wanted to date Chris Martin? Has she actively been perusing Chris Martin? Did she pine after Chris Martin as a teenager listening to Yellow?

It is impossible to know especially since the couple won’t even officially acknowledge the relationship’s existence but there are some other couples where a fan became a lover. Here are four of them.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Candids

Fan: Kanye West
Object of Affection: Kim Kardashian
It is well known, creepily, that Kanye has been a fan of Kim since long before they ever met. We can’t confirm but it may have to do with her sex tape. Lets be straight up about this. But it really is a fairytale when you can go from dreaming of the girl in a sex tape to marrying her in France.

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

Fan: Katie Holmes
Object of Affection: Tom Cruise
According to one of Katie’s childhood friends, Katie used to pray for Tom Cruise in their religion class. If that doesn’t make you believe in miracles, I don’t know what would (probably other things). I’ll start praying for Tom Hardy right now.

"TrevorLIVE LA" Honoring Jane Lynch And Toyota For The Trevor Project - Backstage And Audience

Fan: Josh Duhamel
Object of Affection: Fergie
Josh Duhamel told InStyle magazine in 2004 (when he was engaged to Kristy Pierce) that Fergie was his celebrity crush. He also said her had recurring dreams about her. The two of them later finally met on set of his show Las Vegas and Fergie asked him if his dream was good. Day-um.

The European Premiere Of Arthur

Fan: Russell Brand
Object of Affection: Katy Perry
After Katy perry’s VMA performance in 2008, Russell said, “Katy Perry, Oh my god! I was so inspired by Katy Perry’s song’s message [‘I Kissed a Girl’] that I’m currently going through nine Chapsticks a day and my penis has never felt more moisturized.” This joke got Katy’s attention who said she loved it.