Jared Leto Loses His Long Locks: Good Riddance Or Great Tragedy?


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When we heard that Jared Leto was cast as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, we knew that his ombre locks weren’t long for this life. The world first took serious notice of his hair during the 2014 awards season when Jared was all over the place supporting his role in Dallas Buyers Club. The style lasted all through the year until it was last sighted at this year’s Academy Awards. But now, it has been cut off. Suicide Squad‘s director David Ayer posted a couple of pictures of the big chop on Twitter.

We have mixed feelings about the new haircut here at Much.ca. This is a very divisive issue. Heck, Jared’s long hair made it into our year end style round-up. Check out two hot takes on the Leto Lock Loss.

Beautiful Locks, We Barely Knew You

Jared Leto is an actor, a musician, but most importantly, he is his hair. In 2012, Jared started sporting long, flowing locks that embodied the “just rolled out of bed” look that every long-haired person desired. How the hell did Jared pull off this effortless look? It’s a hair miracle, a miracle that has been worshipped and idolized by many.


Much like his Dallas Buyers Club co-star Matthew McConaughey, Jared’s past three years have been his own mini McConaissance. He made his directorial debut, released another Thirty Seconds to Mars album, made his triumphant return to acting in Dallas Buyers Club, which earned him an Oscar, and that hair transformed him into a fashion trend and icon. This was Jared’s time and when you look back at this golden era, you will associate it with his fabulously shaggy look. “Fabulous”, by the way, is the exact word Vanity Fair used in their headline to report Jared’s long ombré hair yesterday. Under the “In Memoriam” category. BECAUSE THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF, GUYS.


Jared’s wavy, Jesus-like hair justified his bohemian style and, by some work of witchcraft, also made his more dressed-up looks appear even more chic. When he walked the Oscar red carpet last year, all eyes were on the soon-to-be winner and there were more yea-sayers than critics when it came to Jared’s luscious ombré ‘do. We don’t know how, but it just went with that white tux and red bowtie. Put it on any other person and they would’ve failed miserably.

I understand Jared had to cut his hair for his upcoming role in Suicide Squad, but I’m not happy about this. Sure, he looks younger and arguably hotter BUT DOES HE LOOK LIKE JARED LETO ANYMORE? I DON’T THINK SO.

Just as an editor at Elle Canada said yesterday: “No. Just, no.”


Good Riddance Hipster Jesus

I could not be happier that Jared Leto cut off that mess. Sure he seems to have taken care of it very well. He was clearly well acquainted with a good deep conditioner. He had good hair but did he have greeeaaat hair? I say no. His god-like mane overtook his real natural talent. No, not acting. No, not singing. His real natural talent is just having that face… Can we just pause for a second and look at it really deeply?




We kid though. He is a great actor and if you ask the right person, a great musician. But the mane of hair was swallowing his eyes and cheeks in a blanket of distraction. How can we see him emote from his eyeballs when all you can see are his flyaways? No longer will he solely be defined by his ombre waves. He will be defined by something greater. Something greater than all of us. His eyes.

A giant waterfall of hair is often considered a way to hide for insecure people but I have to assume that Jared doesn’t have that problem. Now, we can see his confident smile and welcoming gaze clearly. Plus, how will he be able to give us a real sinister grin worthy of one of fiction’s greatest villains, the Joker, with hair that begs comparisons to a Harlequin stud?

As an aside, I am generally a beard broad but that is one beautiful smooth face. Does this man age? Seriously. He looks exactly like his young alter ego Jordan Catalano.

To quote the great Lainey Lui, “Now that Jared’s cut his hair, this makes my alone time a lot more…efficient.” Sing it sister.


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