Jason Derulo Gets Down In Video For ‘Get Ugly’

Jason Derulo

There are artists who hire incredible dancers to perform behind them and trick us into thinking the artist has serious moves, and then there are artists who are the incredible dancers in their own right. Jennifer Lopez is one. Madonna is in there. Michael Jackson for sure. And Jason Derulo.

In 2016, no singer can touch Jason Derulo’s dancing abilities.

In Derulo’s latest release Get Ugly, the classically trained entertainer gives us a good old fashioned dance video, complete with a faux New York background and a hair salon. Dance videos love hair salons.

What makes Derulo’s Get Ugly and all his recent videos that showcase his talent as a dancer even more incredible is that it wasn’t that long ago that the singer broke his neck while preparing for his tour with Lady Gaga, almost paralyzing himself in the process. We’re still calling it a comeback.

Contrary to the name of the song, there’s nothing ugly about Derulo’s third single from 2015’s Everything Is 4. With a retro 80s vibe that includes neon everything, the video is a fun and colourful dance party. Where was our invite?