Jason Derulo Dances Around Office Romances In ‘If It Ain’t Love’

If It Ain't Love

Jason Derulo is an artist known for his energetic, sexy pop tracks, his impressive abs, and his even more impressive dancing skills. His latest video for the heavily choreographed “If It Ain’t Love” combines all three.

Co-directing the new video with Joe Labisi, Derulo dances his way through an office romance and makes bookshelves look sexy. Along with a female dancer, Derulo shows off his training by performing in a rotating office all while in a three-piece suit. Someone give this man the Employee of the Month award.

While Derulo could still be getting mileage out of 2015’s Everything Is 4 (we *can’t* believe he didn’t release “Broke” with Keith Urban and Stevie Wonder or “Try Me” with Jennifer Lopez as singles), the multi-talented performer is already on to his next project. Derulo is set to release a star-studded mixtape later this year, with “If It Ain’t Love” as the lead single.

Derulo performed the new jam for the first time in April when he hosted the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Check out Jason Derulo in “If It Ain’t Love” below and be prepared to rethink office romances.