Experience Jazz Cartier’s ‘Red Alert/100 Roses’ In 360 Degrees

Toronto talent Jazz Cartier has never been afraid to push himself, evident in his recent video release for “Red Alert/100 Roses.” The new video offers audiences a 360-degree view and leaves the viewer feeling as if they are a part of the video. At any time, you can see what is going on in front, below, and to the sides of you.

Virtual reality seems to be the new technology everyone wants to try and experience. Andy Kim and Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew recently released a 360-degree video for the track, “Who Came First.” Coachella also introduced VR into the festival experience, by live-streaming the Yuma Tent and Sahara Experience in 360 degrees on their YouTube channel.

In Cartier’s video for “Red Alert/100 Roses,” both tracks from his mixtape Hotel Paranoia, the rapper hangs out in a gloomy warehouse surrounded by stagnant women. We’re then transported to an open field where Cartier is driving at accelerated speeds, ignoring the cop trying to pull him over. The car chase ends in a crash. Then, the disoriented Cartier stumbles into a forest and starts rapping “100 Roses.”

Desktop users can experience the 360 effect through Google Chrome and Firefox. For smartphone users, the YouTube app will work. If you’re lucky enough to own a virtual reality headset, enjoy! If not, one can cost anywhere between $50-800, but it’s totally worth it!

Watch Cartier’s video below.