Jesse Eisenberg And Kristen Stewart Poke Fun At Sexist Interview Questions


Thu, August, 6 by


It’s a known fact that female celebs have it so much worse than their male counterparts when getting interviewed. Questions about things unrelated to what the star is promoting always inevitably creep up like, “Who are your fave designers?” or even worse, “Are you pregnant?”

Well, Funny or Die has helped American Ultra stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart flip the tables in this hilarious new interview. In the clip, the two actors take turns asking each other questions, but it appears that they may have been handed the wrong set of questions…

“I do get these questions a lot,” Stewart says, when Eisenberg questions the potentially mixed up cue cards — but this doesn’t stop her from going forward with these traditionally sexist Qs. When asked who Eisenberg’s favourite designer is, he hesitates at first, but then responds: “Levi’s…I don’t know if that’s a person, if he is a designer, or she is a designer, but I’m wearing their pants and they fit.” Great answer, Jesse! Tell us more!

Watch the full interview below! American Ultra hits theatres August 21.