Jessie Reyez Drops A Stripped Down Video For ‘F**k It’

Jessie Reyez, Music Video, Fuck It, Vevo Stripped

Toronto-born singer Jessie Reyez travelled to her parents birth country of Colombia to film her last video for the single “Great One,” where she makes her way through the city and into the mountains to rediscover her past. It appears that the singer also shot a second video while on location, albeit one with a lot less family time and a lot more anger.

In her debut EP Kiddo, Reyez channels her anguish over a breakup and being cheated on into the track “Fuck It,” which now has the new music video courtesy of a Vevo Stripped session.

Reyez is a woman wronged in her new video, which keeps the lens squarely pointed on the Canadian singer. The single shot video opens with Reyez emerging from what looks like a car wreck, climbing over a hill as a cloud of smoke fills the sky behind her. Delivering a spoken word intro, Reyez sets the tone by saying, “You hear the car speeding / Then you hear it skid / And then you hear a crash / And there’s flames and shit.”

The singer then pulls a microphone along with her, although what the cord is attached to is unclear, possibly coming from the car that is currently engulfed in flames. Reyez performs the song with an emotional intensity and rawness that is necessary for song that is so honest. Wearing denim shorts and a cropped yellow top, Reyez keeps the video concept simple, letting the picturesque background and enigmatic performance do all the heavy lifting.

Reyez’s star continues to rise, with the singer recently being named as one of Rolling Stone magazines top 10 artists of 2017 you need to know. But of course, we already knew.