Jimmy Fallon And Bill Hader’s Point Pleasant Police Department Is Everything We Miss On SNL

Point Pleasant Main

Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon may now be now as Hollywood actors and in Fallon’s case, the host of the Tonight Show, but before that the world fell in love with them for their hilarious sketches on Saturday Night Live.

From Weekend Update to Stefon, there were two things that Fallon and Hader had in common during their time on SNL – they were both hilarious and they were both notorious for breaking.

What better way to bring these two things together than a sketch that required the funnymen to literally spit food in one another’s face?

While promoting his new film Trainwreck on The Tonight Show this week, Hader indulged Fallon in letting him show some clips from their ‘old’ TV series Point Pleasant Police Department. You don’t want to miss the final clip.

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