Jimmy Fallon Challenges Kristen Stewart To Jell-O Shot Twister

Kristen Stewart Jello

Jimmy Fallon has quickly carved a niche out for himself in the late night landscape thanks to his wacky spin on traditional party games. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of former Tonight Show host Johnny Carson playing Twister with Eva Gabor, Fallon invited actor Kristen Stewart to also play the game. And the twist? Jell-O shots.

The notoriously subdued star got into character as a party guest, showing off her impressive yoga balance skills while simultaneously getting intoxicated from both alcohol and sugar.

The 26-year-old actor also talked about her time working with Jodie Foster in Panic Room when she was only 10. Foster was a big influence on Stewart’s career, even inspiring her to go behind the camera and take on the role of director, which she has for the upcoming short film, Water.

But for now, Stewart stars in Cafe Society, the latest film from writer-director Woody Allen.

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