9 Reasons Jimmy Kimmel Will Kill It As This Year’s Emmy Awards Host


It’s official, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards. The ceremony, set to take place in September, recognizes excellence in the television industry. So we’ve decided to put together all the reasons why Jimmy is going to own it as Emmys host.


Reason #1: He’s an improv master

Since his humble beginnings on Comedy Central, Jimmy has proved he is a master of improv and can think on his feet. Before having his own show the Jimmy hosted the hilarious game show Win Bob Stein’s Money, even winning a Daytime Emmy in 1999 for Best Game Show Host.

Reason #2: He has his own talk show

Since 2003, Jimmy has been hosting his own late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Even though it may have been off to a slow start, the show is now one of the top late-night talk shows.

Reason #3: He has already hosted the Emmys

Jimmy already has experience hosting the Emmys. The funnyman hosted the 2012 show didn’t hold back the entire night calling out celebs and commenting on the political state of the country. But it was his star-studded opening that really got the laughs.

Reason #4: His celebrity connections

As proven at the 2012 Emmys, we have to give Jimmy props for his celebrity connections. He even reunited the ladies of the Friends cast back in 2014, and we will be forever grateful.

Reason #5: His celebrity feuds

But Jimmy is not afraid to poke fun at some celebs and we can only hope he’ll bring up some of his iconic feuds on the stage. From a Twitter war with Kanye West, to his never-ending feud with Matt Damon, Jimmy isn’t afraid to make some waves in the celebrity world This is bound to make for some good material in his Emmys monologue and banter.

Reason #6: His mean tweets segment

Jimmy created a segment on his show called ‘mean tweets’ back in 2012, where celebs sit down and read out loud some of the meanest tweets they’ve received. It’s his most-talked about segment. Jimmy has clearly demonstrated his creativity and ability to get people talking.

Reason #7: His love for kids

Jimmy also like to have fun with kids since they always speak their minds. Another viral series he’s created is his YouTube Challenge where he instructs parents to film themselves telling their kids they ate all their Halloween candy. The reactions are priceless. Maybe the host will bring some kids on the stage this year?

Reason #8: His TV appearances

He’s also appeared in some of your fave TV shows. He was a guest on Scandal, Sesame Street, and yes, even crashed a date and co-hosted The Bachelor last season. Jimmy is all over the place proving his has vast connections in the television world.

Reason #9: He has his own sidekick

Jimmy is so amazing that he even has a sidekick, Guillermo. The always unpredictable Guillermo went from parking lot security guard to Jimmy’s right-hand man, and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Fingers crossed Jimmy will bring him on stage at this year’s Emmys.

We know you can do it Jimmy, here’s to the 2016 Emmys, we can’t wait.