Jimmy Kimmel Makes Up For Price Is Right Treadmill Fail


Comedian Danielle Perez was the not-so lucky contestant who got to come on down to the Price Is Right this season. Perez’s episode aired earlier this week and viewers were shocked when Danielle, who is in a wheelchair, had to bid on a treadmill. As Danielle pointed out, as least this proves the famous game show isn’t rigged.

Once her episode aired, Perez tweeted a picture of herself on stage with host Drew Carey along with the caption “when you win a treadmill on tv but have no feet.”

Perez kept her sense of humour throughout the game show and the publicity that followed and even scored a guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. Kimmel and Perez discussed her appearance on the Price Is Right, including their thoughts on winning not only a treadmill (ugh) but also a sauna (where’s new car?).

Kimmel felt that Perez deserved a game show do-over, asking Danielle to guess the price of a jar of peanut butter for the chance to win something way better than workout equipment.

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