Is Joe Jonas Sending A Message To His Famous Ex With ‘Toothbrush’ Video?

Toothbrush Lyric Video

Joe Jonas’ super group DNCE has finally released the follow up to their massive break-out single “Cake By The Ocean” with the slightly slowed down, but just as catchy “Toothbrush.”

The new single just dropped complete with a new lyric video and it looks like Jonas’ real life may be inspiring his work.

Shot backwards, the lyric video shows a beautiful blonde model riding her bike and then returning to her lover’s apartment, undressing and making her way back to bed. The lyrics appear in white text throughout the video, but our main focus is how much the model looks like someone…

Gigi and joe

Yes, that’s it. The model looks very similar to Jonas’ ex and the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVA host, Gigi Hadid.

Sure, this could just be a coincidence. Back in February, Joe tweeted that he wrote a song that was “going to piss someone off,” but “Toothbrush” is a lighthearted, sexy track about spending the night together, so we don’t think this is the song he is referring to with his tweet.

Let’s hope that the rest of DNCE’s tracks play nice.