John Mayer Gets His Groove On In ‘Still Feel Like Your Man’ Video

Starting off his career as a professional musician on the college campus tour circuit in the early 2000s, singer-songwriter John Mayer’s sound has evolved to include just about every possible genre his deep vocal range and accomplished guitar playing can fit into. He’s gone folk, country, pop, indie, acoustic, and even released a full blues album under The John Mayer Trio. Throughout all of the musical rebirths, collaborations, high-profile relationships, hairstyles and the fashion risks (no more ponchos), there’s one thing we’ve yet to see from the often overly-honest artist—dance moves.

Turns out, he’s not that bad.

In Mayer’s new music video for the smooth pop single “Still Feel Like Your Man,” the singer busts more than a few moves. Set in a ‘disco dojo’ (his words), Mayer has finally ‘given fans what they want,’ joking about his foray into the world of dance on Twitter.

Mayer’s scenes are split between a disco dojo filled with various stone-faced patrons, and a red room with a beautiful woman covered in butterflies. During the dojo scenes, Mayer performs for a mob boss, who is eventually swayed by Mayer’s dancing, or just wants him to stop doing it, and hands the singer a box containing a single butterfly. Is the butterfly the key to Mayer getting his lady love back? Is the butterfly going to transform into a fully-formed human woman? Is he just super into pretty insects? We’re not really sure, but we probably shouldn’t read too much into a video that features dancing panda costumes.

Director Mister Whitmore set the scene for Mayer, who not only attempts choreography, but does so in Justin Bieber-approved drop crotch pants. Possibly as an attempt to display his willingness to do anything to get the lost love back that he sings about in the new track, Mayer (lightly) Vogues and struts his way through the video. The singer’s willingness to step out of his comfort zone and attempt choreography is admirable, but it’s the dance scenes of Mayer improvising that reveal that the man has got some moves.

Mayer has spoken openly about the inspiration behind “Still Feel Like Your Man,” confirming in a New York Times article that the track was written about his feelings towards ex-girlfriend Katy Perry. As someone who has endured the publicity of a negative relationship review in song format from Taylor Swift, Mayer has penned a break-up single that we think most people would want written about them.

As for the song’s new video, the singer attempted to get out ahead of any possible whitewashing controversy surrounding the video, which we guess is supposed to be set in Japan judging by the paper fans (right?) and fake pandas (okay?). Luckily for Mayer, “Still Feel Like Your Man” dropped on the same day as Pepsi’s controversial ad starring Kendall Jenner, with the wrath of the internet largely taken up by the soda company.

“Still Feel Like Your Man” is part of John Mayer’s seventh studio album The Search For Everything. Mayer has already shared part of the album in two ‘waves,’ a new approach to album releases that is proving to be a successful alternative to the traditional album drop (check out our breakdown of the release here). The Search For Everything will be released in full on April 14.