John Mayer Talks About Taylor Swift, So Let’s Talk About Katy Perry

About a million years ago, or 2009 to be exact, a young John Mayer and a very young Taylor Swift dated. They made some music together, kept their romance under the radar, and eventually things ran their course and the two parted ways.

The quiet split seemed less than amicable when Swift released her 2010 album Speak Now, which included the track Dear John. Although Swift has never confirmed that the song was written specifically about her relationship with Mayer, the track begins with a very Mayer-esque guitar solo and includes lyrics about a young girl being hurt by an older man. Swift was 19 years old when the couple dated while Mayer was 32.

The short-lived couple have generated more interest in their relaitionship post-break up than while they were actually dating. Mayer responded to Swift’s Dear John during a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, saying the song made him feel terrible and humiliated. Many speculated that Mayer’s track Paper Doll off 2013’s Paradise Valley was in response to the diss track.

That pretty much brings us to today. Almost. This past February, Swift’s longtime friend Ed Sheeran played with Mayer at the Grammy Awards and even designed a tattoo for Mayer while appearing as a guest during Mayer’s stint hosting The Late Late Show. Sheeran doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be friends with Mayer and risk his friendship with Swift, so maybe time has healed all?

Or maybe not. Rumours have been swirling for the past six months that Swift made some room on her Shit List for fellow pop singer Katy Perry after Perry hired a number of Swift’s back up dancers, resulting in the dancers leaving Swift’s tour prematurely. Swift’s song Bad Blood off her latest album 1989 is reportedly about this situation, with Perry ‘allegedly’ hitting back by dressing her back up dancers for the Super Bowl in the same bathing suit Swift was photographed in a few years ago.

For two of the most successful women not only in pop music, but in the world, doesn’t this seem like BS?

These are two very talented, very smart and very savvy businesswomen. Airing their dislike for one another in a series of passive aggressive moves seems like something that would not occur at their level of success.

But who knows. What we do know is that Mayer is now back together with former girlfriend Katy Perry, which could have added fuel to Swift’s fire. We also know that Sheeran and Mayer are now on friendly terms, which could in turn help bridge the gap between Swift and Mayer and eventually Swift and Perry. Those two women could record a killer duet.

John Mayer was interviewed last week for MSNBC’s 7 Days of Genius by Ronan Farrow, who aimed to likely push a few buttons by bringing up Swift under the guise of talking about Spotify and Swift’s decision to pull her songs off the free streaming service. Mayer, who has thankfully smartened up since his ‘sexual napalm’ days, addressed the Swift in the room and continued on, applauding his ex for a decision that he feels will help smaller artists retain more of the royalties.

That’s it. He said she made a great move, was complimentary, and didn’t use the opportunity to slam his ex. Does this mean that a cease fire could even be in the works between all parties involved?

Whether Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are truly feuding or not, they know that we think they are. It’s not a secret and as two of the biggest celebrities in the world, it’s not a good look. With their highly visible status comes the heavy weight of being a role model for millions of young boys and girls. Ladies, take a pic together, post it on Instagram and be done with it.