JoJo And Remy Ma Stun In ‘FAB’ Video


If you’re looking for a hit of empowerment in the form of a killer pop track, look no further than JoJo and Remy Ma’s new duet “FAB.” Standing for ‘fake ass bitches,’ the powerhouse singer and rap royalty leave it all in the recording booth, slamming their haters and fake friends with lines like, “When they eating all the food off your plate / And they don’t do dishes.” Feel the burn.

JoJo told Entertainment Weekly that she wrote the track this summer while on her treadmill, saying, “I was literally singing in my head, and I was like I can’t stand these fake ass bitches in my face. I was like, you know what? I’m not cut out for the shmoozing and the fakeness. I literally can’t stand it. I know I’m not the only one that can relate to that. Sometimes [the music] industry can feel a little bit like high school so I was just reflecting on that and pounding it on the treadmill. I came to the studio that night and I was like, listen we gotta talk about these fake ass bitches.”

The two women have now released a slick black and white music video for “FAB,” with JoJo using the sidewalk like a catwalk and delivering a passionate rooftop performance while Remy Ma cooly spits her verse atop a car. It’s a lot of swag for one video.

The new single is part of Mad Love, Jojo’s first full length studio album since 2006. Mad Love dropped in October and features 11 new tracks, including the lead single “Fuck Apologies,” featuring Wiz Khalifa. The two released a music video for the no-BS track, which has the singer delivering an anthem for anyone who has ever been wronged.

Fingers crossed that Jojo’s next single and video will be for her third Mad Love duet, the Alessia Cara collab “I Can Only.” Until then, serve up some haterade and keep it shady with Jojo and Remy Ma’s hard-hitting new jam.