Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert’s Best Bromance Moments


Yesterday was an emotional evening for late night TV because Jon Stewart, the king of political trolling, has officially stepped down. That’s correct folks, no more laughing at republicans or moments of zen and certainly no more shout-outs to Arby’s. Damn, that guy knew his stuff.

If all that is starting to make you teary-eyed, then you’re definitely gonna have a hard time digesting this. Not only did Jon get heart felt goodbyes from all his former correspondents and co-workers, but he also got an off-the-script genuine message from his alleged brother from another mother, Stephen Colbert. If that’s not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard, you, friend, have no soul.

For those of you living without a television, Jon and Stephen have been friends roughly since the beginning of time. Their bromance is in the books as legendary at this point so of course we needed to include it in our farewell post to Mr. Stewart, partially because we love them both more than life itself, but mostly because we’re still trying to mask our crippling sadness after saying goodbye.

So without further adieu, behold Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewarts best moments of bromance!

Visiting King Coco

Ahh, nothing better than catching a little Conan O’Brien live, right? Oh… except when you have a show to run. That’s probably not as great.

Annnddd fake-fighting King Coco
Whoever started the rumour that all late night hosts hate each other couldn’t be more right. In fact, Jon and Stephen decided to team up and put their money where their mouths are against the palest guy in L.A. Now that’s a fight we’d pay to see.
Check out the behind-the-scenes below and the full video here.

And finally having a dance-off with King Coco
It seems the grueling battle didn’t end there. Conan and Colbert also had another round of hostility during an intense dance-off. Things got heated fast, thank God for Stephen’s mysterious shining knight in sequence for coming along to save the day. (Spoiler alert: It’s Jon.)

Bonding On Kimmel

Probably one of the most loving moments to ever happen on any show ever. Jon and Stephen reminisce over the “magic” that happened the day they met and now we all need, like, 35 tissues.
Click here for the full clip

One of their many memorable moments at the Emmy’s
When your job is to shoot the sh*t with your best friend for live TV, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Alphabet Game
You probably thinking this ridiculous banter is pretty typical, but is ALSO happens to be typically adorable so take that, smart guy.

Biggest Star Wars fan
Just gonna go ahead and assume this is an average day for these day two and the cameras just happened to be in the room. We’re sure we can’t be that far off.

“Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Sully”
We don’t know how or why this happened but someone needs to send us ticket hook-ups for the next show ASAP. Who would’ve thought that two of late night’s best hosts would also have the voices of saints…

Visiting each other during the holidays
Good friends show up at each other’s homes during the holidays. BEST friends show up on each other’s holiday specials.

And now, for your final moment of bromance. We’ll miss you, Stewart!