Jonah Hill Reveals The Downside To Being Friends With Leonardo DiCaprio And Miles Teller

Leo and Jonah

It’s been a tough week for Jonah Hill. Well, it’s been #AListProblems tough.

The actor has been busy promoting his new film, War Dogs, which he co-stars in with Miles Teller. Last night, Hill revealed to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that he was recently upstaged by Teller during filming.

Hill explains that the two were in Miami shooting the movie and decided to take a break and swim in the ocean. Hill retreated to his room for a nap, while Teller made his way to the beach and kinda-sorta saved a pregnant woman from a shark. He was doing God’s work.

The Superbad star feels like he should’ve been the one saving the day and receiving admiration from passerby’s. You can’t sleep on heroism, Hill.

Being upstaged by his co-star was just the start of Hill’s recent streak of bad luck. In an effort to lose weight, the actor was instructed to send a food journal to his doctor. That’s Dr, as in the same first two letters as Drake, who Jonah actually sent his food journal to. Maybe the two can hit up The Cheesecake Factory soon.

As a final nail in the celebrity friendship coffin, a video has surfaced of Hill’s Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio running up to the actor pretending to be a crazed fan. We’re sure it was startling for Hill, but let’s be honest, it’s hilarious to watch.

The encountered occurred on Monday, when Hill appeared on The Tonight Show and can be seen wearing the same clothes in a nude drawing segment he later shot with Fallon.

It’s been a long week for Jonah Hill and a hilarious one for all of us who get to watch.

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