The Jonas Brothers’ ‘Cool’ Is Basically The 2019 Version Of ‘Burnin’ Up’

Let’s get straight to the point: the Jonas Brothers’ newest music video for “Cool,” their second single since getting back together, is just the 2019 version of their 2008 smash hit “Burnin’ Up.

While the songs are different in sound and the brothers’ looks have obviously changed quite a bit, there’s no denying the similarities between these two videos.

For starters, both begin with Nick, Joe, and Kevin sitting together relaxing. Coincidence? We don’t think so. They also perform both songs poolside, so are we really going to believe this wasn’t on purpose?

Then there’s the “red dress” Nick sings about. Fans on Twitter were quick to notice and inform the world of the reference in both songs. So not only do both songs have a line mentioning this coloured garment, but the youngest of the Jonas trio sings both lines.

Both videos also have a boat scene, even if they’re short, they’re still there, so that’s definitely a similarity. Also, they wear suits in both videos—they’ve worn suits in many of their videos, but we’re going to throw this in here anyway. Plus, Nick wears a red suit in “Burnin’ Up” and Kevin wears a red suit in “Cool.”

And finally, Joe dons a moustache in both videos. Unfortunately, he couldn’t grow a real one 11 years ago but now he’s rocking a 100 per cent Joe Jonas stache. This comparison was shared multiple times on Twitter.

Fans on Twitter also joked about the age difference of the fans in the video, saying it was a representation of the age of original JoBro fans today. But whether you’re new to the brothers or an OG fan, there’s no disputing the two music videos are very alike.

“Cool” comes hot off the heels of “Sucker,” the bros’ first single since reunion rumours started earlier this year. Despite press promotion and a week-long residency on The Late Late Show, they don’t currently have a date set for an album, but they did tell Elvis Duran last that month they’ve already recorded plenty of songs and fans can expect more music throughout the year.