We Don’t Need The Jonas Brothers To Reunite Right Now

There were a lot of take aways from this year’s Golden Globes. The biggest of course being Oprah Winfrey’s incredible acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award, followed by the huge support of the Time’s Up movement.

But one event at the Globes that has been slightly overshadowed is the meeting of Joe Jonas and The Room’s Tommy Wiseau. OMG indeed.

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Joe, who was there to support fiancé and Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner, as well as his brother Nick, who earned a nomination for Best Original song for “Home,” posted the picture to his 6.7 million followers. Only a few days later, Wiseau retweeted the picture and made a suggestion.

Anyone who has seen The Room or The Disaster Artist, which is based on the making of the famously terrible movie, knows that Wiseau doesn’t always have great ideas. But this one is pretty good.

Now it looks like The Jonas Brothers may be listening to Wiseau, with their social media accounts inexplicably activated this week. People are understandably shook.

The Jonas Brothers reactivating their account for the first time since they went on a hiatus in 2013 is a pretty big deal. So far, the only one to comment is Kevin, and he didn’t have much to say.

Do we love the Jonas Brothers? Heck yes. Would it make sense for them to go on a 10 year anniversary tour in 2018 to celebrate A Little Bit Longer? Mentally, we’ve already bought the tickets and called in sick to work the next day. But this is probably the worst time for a Jonas Brothers reunion.

Let’s look at the facts. After the trio went on hiatus, fans were understandably crushed. But since then, the three brothers have gone on to exciting new projects.

Joe got together with some of his closest musician friends to put together DNCE, a band that has consistently created earworm after earworm. He’s also continued dabbling in acting, appearing in the last season of the hilarious Angie Tribeca.

Little brother Nick has seen a meteoric rise as a solo artist, dropping huge singles like “Close” and “Chains” and starting a music label with friend Demi Lovato. Nick’s acting career has also taken off, starring in the gritty TV drama Kingdom and 2017’s blockbuster Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle alongside Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillian.

As for Kevin, he’s found a second career as a contractor and by the looks of things, growing up around celebrities brought a lot of inspiration for making big and beautiful houses.

Usually, we want to see a band reunite when at least half of the group has been MIA for a few years. Take the Spice Girls. While Mel C continues to drop bangers, the rest of the women are absent from the charts. Time for a reunion.

Or how about NSYNC? Sure, Justin Timberlake is already everywhere, something that will increase in February when he drops his latest album Man of the Woods, but when was the last time we heard new music from JC Chasez or Lance Bass?

If we’re keeping this a family affair, an Oasis reunion would be at the top of our list, followed by Destiny’s Child (cousins count). We also see the Jonas Brothers together all the time on red carpets and together on social media, so the pain of the hiatus is lessened. Plus, Hanson dropped a new album last year, so the quota for trio brother bands has been filled for a while.

Keep doing you, solo Jonas Brothers.