S.O.S.! The Jonas Brothers Reunion Rumours Are Back And Seem Legit

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It was almost exactly one year ago that we first heard rumblings of a Jonas Brothers reunion. In January 2018, it didn’t seem like the right time for the trio to reunite in the studio. But that was then. In the past year, Joe Jonas and his band DNCE have seemingly taken a break. Nick Jonas has been more focused on his burgeoning movie career. Kevin Jonas is continuing to stay out of the limelight. So yeah, we want some pop-rock hits and we want them now. Thankfully, it looks like a Jonas Brothers reunion is imminent.

Multiple sources have confirmed to US Magazine that the Jonas Brothers, who plan on rebranding themselves as JONAS (so adult), are in the early stages of planning a comeback. The magazine is reporting that six years after the brothers split, they are now in talks to regroup, even flying to London recently to begin preparations for a comeback. We are so here for this.

Back in July, it looked as though the Jo Bros were filming a documentary, making today’s news of a reunion, including new music and a new documentary, now looking even more plausible. The brothers were spotted by fans in New York City with cameras following them, with eagle-eyed fans also noticing that the brothers’ former bodyguard Big Rob was hanging out with their uncle Josh, giving weight to the idea that the brothers are putting together a look back at their career.

We already know that the brothers are fans of being in front of the camera thanks to their Camp Rock days. Nick also released a documentary chronicling the recording and the release of his third solo album Last Year Was Complicated, so it’s definitely plausible that the brothers are preparing to release an avalanche of new material for fans. We’ll be here to soak it all up.

The Jo Bros have continued to celebrate their time as a band, with Nick posting this video for the tenth anniversary of A Little Bit Longer back in August.

We’ve already gotten sneak peeks at what a reunion would look like, minus Frankie, the Bonus Jonas.


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As is the standard procedure anytime there are whisperings of a Jo Bro reunion, fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts. Consensus? Yes to a reunion.

We’re here for it.