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Josh Hutcherson Reveals His Shocking Hunger Games Team

Team Gale Main

Team Betty vs Team Veronica. Team Pacey vs Team Dawson. Team Damon vs Team Stefan. Team Jacob vs Team Edward. In the pop culture world, love triangles demand allegiances. Sides must be chosen. Hearts must be broken. Swooning must occur.

With only two days left until the final installment of The Hunger Games hitting theaters, the time to pick sides (if you so choose) has arrived. Surprisingly, Josh Hutcherson did not pick the team we assumed he would.


Returning as Peeta Mallark for the fourth and final time this Friday, Hutcherson revealed to Cosmo Magazine that he’s actually Team Gale. In all fairness, Liam Hemsworth does look the way he looks.

Hutcherson told the mag “Honestly, I lean a little more Gale. I can get brooding and aggressive at times. And Gale stands up for what he believes in — I have that in me. But I’m also sensitive, so I have that in common with Peeta.”

In reality, we can’t really choose between Peeta and Gale and why should we? That’s Katniss’ job. But since Team Gale got a big thumbs up from Hutcherson, we’d be remiss to not point out how amazing Peeta is as well.

Peeta has the cheekbones that won’t quit.

Peeta 1

Even though he’s grown up on nothing but carbs.

Peeta 2

He loved Katniss before they had ever spoken.

Peeta 3

And loved her even after she was kinda mean to him.

Peeta 4

Then still loved her after she told him to cut it out.

Peeta 5

He always sticks to his morals.

Peeta 6

And gives danger the finger.

Peeta 7

Fear not, Team Peeta.

Peeta 8

You have no shortage of admirers.

Peeta 9

Now, please don’t die during The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

Peeta 10